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Born to Engineer

We live by a PASSION that overcomes challenges and risks at QuEST - a team Born To Engineer. To add momentum to static ideas, to give wings to dreams, to breathe life into visions, at QuEST we aspire to build a better, safer, reliable and above all a more sustainable world. 


Since our inception in 1997, we have always believed that engineering is a noble profession. From a one room, one customer office in 1997, we have come a long way with 11,250+ passionate Questians belonging to 13 nationalities, operating out of more than 56 locations making a positive business impact to our global customers. We were born as an engineering company, and even after 23 years, we are growing across the globe as an engineering services company - Born to Engineer!


Engineering to us is to have a holistic view of each stakeholder and our society is our primary focus. Be it Medical Devices, Transportation, Hi-tech, Digital or Industrial problems, designing safe, reliable, smart solutions is our job. We, as an organization of engineers' design airplanes, and there are millions of people traveling on planes every day. We design healthcare equipment used by our children and families at large. We keep a dynamic future on the right track and move communities forward by making rail transportation safer, smarter, faster, more reliable, and efficient.


At QuEST, we understand the need for constant innovation so, we develop complex products using our hands-on experience and in-depth expertise in leading-edge technologies. Everything that we do eventually impacts the society we live in. Enabling our customers with flexible solutions keeping the care for society in mind is in our DNA. What we as engineers do every day affects billions. 


We, at core, are passionate, innovative and inspired. 
Born To Engineer.


Embrace Ingenuity. Engineer Change. Augment Potential

As the world continues to grow, we learn to embrace the collective intellect to usher in a future that serves mankind in the best possible manner. Today, we’re partnering with advanced technology companies to launch new products and discover new possibilities by applying our proven experience. QuEST has the expertise to redefine what technology can do and the depth and breadth to respond quickly and efficiently. At QuEST, we Embrace Ingenuity. Engineer Change. Augment Potential.


As engineering works on evolving the face of the world, QuEST works inline to realize ideas matters to people. That's what engineers do; they look at concepts, turn them into reality and contribute to society's growth. We, through our customers, provide engineering experiences to the world that adds value to the society in general. 


Engineering is all about finding solutions to problems. We are very passionate about getting our deliverables right the first time, delivering value to them, and delivering excellence in our job. Our big-picture perspective and comprehensive suite of solutions enable us to help companies enhance the way people live, work, and engage with each other in today’s global society.


And hence, we are Born To Engineer, are you?

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