About QuEST Global

QuEST is a global Product Engineering and Lifecycle Services Company and for over 25 years, we have enabled our customers Create The Frontier by advancing the way people live, work, travel and engage with each other. We are Born To Engineer and aspire to become a Trusted, Thinking Partner to our customers by solving some of their toughest problems related to creating new products, new markets and maximizing efficiency. 

Being at the forefront of the convergence of Mechanical, Electronics, Software and Digital Engineering Innovations, we partner with our customers to solve challenges through the entire product lifecycle (Engineering Services/ER&D services/PES/ Outsourced Product Development services). 

An innovative global company with a local flavor, QuEST operates across geographies and uses its product engineering and lifecycle services expertise to build products and services that transform the world around us make journeys safer, the world greener, add comfort to homes, connect people to opportunities, empower communities and enhance quality of healthcare. 

Our company and business revolves around our customers. We listen to our customers carefully before proactively offering solutions that meet their needs so we can become their trusted thinking partner.

We achieve great things by working together in a boundary less manner.

We put company objectives above individual achievements and recognition. We have individuals working as a team and Teams working with Teams.

We set the highest standards of conduct and reputation by being ethical, honest, and trustworthy. These are hallmarks of all our interactions with our customers and stakeholders. We aim to set the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

The Core Values exemplified by our leaders and all other Questians

Core Values

Founder’s Principles, Core Values and Cultural Pillars

Core values of Customer Focus, Collaboration and Integrity are the foundation of QuEST

Message from Ajit Prabhu, Chairman & CEO


Aspiration is a deeper desire to do better for all, all the time. Thinking Big, the idea of creating a better future for all should drive one’s everyday actions. The idea is to do great things for customers, employees, shareholders, and the community to make a difference for everyone. We aim for what is impossible and make it happen by thinking differently and innovating continuously.


The most important principle for our organization’s growth is Humility. If one is not vigilant, success could breed arrogance, and this is the biggest impediment to sustainable growth. It’s essential to learn to respect failures, build an open and transparent culture, and continually learn from mistakes. Humility is essential and is the attribute that is most needed in times of difficulty. 


Aspiring but not acting with enthusiasm and energy will not work in the long term. Hunger is about getting things done consistently and quickly on a day to day basis. If people of an organization are ‘Hungry’ and willing to ‘roll up their sleeves’ when required, remove all obstacles and go the last mile, we believe that organization will survive and thrive.


These three foundational principles work in tandem, not in isolation. The Aspiration to think big, the Hunger to build a learning culture and empower decision making, coupled with ‘roll up your sleeves’ and get things done with humility to accept and learn from failures and respect people, are the three ingredients when adopted and practiced regularly will lead an organization to greatness.

Cultural Pillars

QuEST Global is built on 6 culture pillars of being Open & Transparent, Care for People, Innovation, Continuous Learning, Agility and Thinking Big, while Acting Small. Each pillar is owned by one of the top leaders.


Our engineering services and solutions for product development and product lifecycle management are further strengthened through our partnerships with market leaders in technologies related to edge, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and industrial IoT.

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With our Trusted Thinking Partner business model and mindset, we believe the way to be successful is by being integral to our customers’ success with high value solutions. That’s why we’re guided by Core Values that place our customers at the heart of everything we do. We take responsibility for our work, stand by our word, and expect to be held accountable for the results and impact we make on their business outcomes.

Robert Harvey | Customer Focus

We are a global organization, and without a solid foundation of collaboration, things would fall apart. Our teams work closely to enable business continuity, sustainability and to address critical issues that shape future business - all of which ultimately are intended to benefit our customers. We encourage a culture of collaboration within the organization and externally with customers, vendors, and stakeholders.

Andrew Lewis | Collaboration

One critical factor for the success of any business is Ethical Compliance. Making responsible decisions with honesty, fairness, and respect for others is vital to our continued sustainability, resilience, and growth. Operating ethically is part of who we are; it is important to our company, our clients, and our community.

Joe Barnes | Integrity


Building a Trusted thinking partnership and sustaining market leadership is exciting – customers want partners who continually bring new ideas and execute flawlessly. They want partners who can see the big picture, think innovatively about solutions and bring them forward with confidence. Achievement of the vision only gets accomplished through daily execution of the small elements that lead to the larger goal.  The mantra is to “get the little things right to make the big things happen”. 

- Dush Reddy  | Think Big Act Small

We understand that our customers are opening new frontiers that improve and preserve the lives of countless people in remarkable ways every day. QuEST leverages exponential technologies to build innovative products and solutions that bring our customers’ vision to life and become a part of the positive impact our customers’ create.

- Krish Kupathil | Innovation

Agility is a unique combination of responsiveness and speed, including the strategic element of making the right choices quickly so that we move fast and in the right direction.  With both personal and organizational agility, we are able to quickly adjust our strategy and achieve the desired outcomes.

- James Gallo | Agility 

‘Care for People’ is all about having a holistic view of stakeholders, primarily the society we live in. What we engineers do every day affects billions of people. We care for society by caring for our customers. We care for our customers by doing the best job for them, and delivering high-quality service on time. We care for our people by bringing the best out of them and giving them the opportunity to learn.

- Shrikant Naik | Care for People

This is multidimensional. It is important to be honest and respectful to colleagues, customers, and stakeholders while also openly sharing the way forward. We proactively share information with each other and across groups with candour to accomplish common goals and learnings for QuEST.

-  Steve Gerber | Open & Transparent

We believe in investing and being at par with the industry by Continuous Learning. Learning about our customers' evolving needs and acting accordingly finding new trends, and enabling our customers by learning new technologies, equipping ourselves with software capabilities, and implementing them is pivotal.

- Dennis Mayhew | Continuous Learning


Trusted Thinking Partner of Choice

We earn the trust of our customers by helping them to solve large, complex and critical business challenges. With proven domain expertise across engineering, we partner with customers to resolve their challenges not just from a technology perspective but also take a holistic approach while anticipating the impact of our solutions in the long term.


Engineer Solutions to Advance Society

We believe in developing cutting-edge engineering solutions to help customers overcome technology challenges. We are mindful of the end-user and the society at large, while building scalable solutions to make the world a cleaner, safer and sustainable place for the generations to come. 


Engineer Solutions to Advance Society

We believe in developing cutting-edge engineering solutions to help customers overcome technology challenges. We are mindful of the end-user and the society at large, while building scalable solutions to make the world a cleaner, safer and sustainable place for the generations to come. 


2021 – Rajendra Shreemal recognized by CFO-India as India’s Top 100 CFOs

2021 – Sindhu Ramachandran wins Women Role Model in ER&D Service’s award by NASSCOM

2021 – Leadership position reinforced in Zinnov Zones ER&D & IoT Services Ratings

2020 – Wins ‘Outstanding Global Engineering Services Partner’ award by Electronics Maker

2020 – CMMI Dev V2.0 Maturity Level 5 for Trivendram Center

2020 – Prism Award from American Payroll Association

2020 – Leadership position strengthened in Zinnov Zones – Engineering R&D Services

2019 – Leadership position retained in the Zinnov Zones 2018 – ER&D services

2018 – Recognized as a leader amongst Global Product Engineering Services in Zinnov Zones

2018 – Ingenium wins Global HR excellence award for the use of media and other recruitment methods at World HRD Congress 2018

2017 - Positioned in Winner’s Circle in HfS Aerospace Engineering Services Blueprint

2016 – European Business Award – National Champion Germany

2016 – Global Engineering Productivity Implementation award from UTC Aerospace Systems

2016 – Engineering Strategic Suppliers Award from Airbus

2015 – Ingenium wins Best use technique for recruitment award

2015 – ICONIC IDC insights Awards

2015 – Best enterprise Mobility implementation award

2015 – Gold in CII National Lean Sigma Contest

2015 – Sumeet Arora wins CIO & Business impact award

2015 – Golden Globe Tigers Award – Best leadership program for middle management

2015 – Ajit Prabhu wins E&Y Entrepreneur of the year award – Services

2014 – Outstanding Entrepreneur award for Ajit Prabhu

2014 – Ingenium best HR event of the year – Conferred by ABP News

2014 – CII Six Sigma Award

2013 – Achievers 50 most engaged workplace award in the US

2010 – Black book of outsourcing ranks QuEST as No 1 ESO

2009 – Deloitte Award Fast 50 India program

2001 – GE Global Engineering Development Center Award

A dreamer wanted to make things work more efficiently. His thirst for engineering took him from a small Indian town to the US. With only $60 in his pocket, he was a small cog with infinite torque. His dream turned into reality with a project from General Electric.


QuEST was founded with a project from General Electric.

QuEST surpassed the 6000 member mark by acquiring NeST Software. 

  • This provided a boost to its capabilities in Embedded systems.
  • Opened a new center in Houston.

  • Partnered with Bombardier Transportation
  • Launched the Microsoft CoE in Pune
  • Launched the ESOP program for employees
  • QuEST’s Trivandrum Center was appraised at CMMI Dev V2.0 Maturity Level 5

Dakota Moon was acquired by QuEST along with a new center in France.

QuEST completed 20 years of operation.

  • Acquired Mobiliya, Exilant and Engicom.
  • Opened a new office in Munich & Bengaluru.

QuEST forayed into Hi-Tech by acquiring DETECH and IT Six global.

QuEST integrated HASK and expanded its service delivery footprint in Singapore. 

  • New center opened in Tokyo.

QuEST consolidated its automotive service offerings by acquiring EDF in Germany.

As Beeken Tech joined QuEST, we diversified into engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.

The vision to empower engineers was nurtured from a 200 sq. ft. office in Schenectady.

QuEST Corporate Office at Singapore inaugurated along with a Delivery Center at Filton, UK.

Acquisition of Interface in Spain was completed.

  • The Engineering services of GKN in the UK and the European Aerospace sector fortified with finesse.

QuEST ventured into Aerospace component manufacturing 

  • Established a SEZ at Belgaum with a 1000 member team.

ASE Technologies joined QuEST. 

  • The global Aerospace & Defense sector gained an EADS E2S Supplier with net worth of $32mn.

The Yokohama Engineering Centre was founded in Japan.

A dedicated QuEST Delivery Center was founded in Florence.

The acquisition of Lexel Engineering commenced the QuEST for Automotive Excellence.

QuEST Acquired Synapse Design 

  • Launched its US Defense entity
  • Set up a TCMS lab in Hyderabad.