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The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly. Increased complexities, patient volume, and pressure on devices and system integration calls for new approaches and thinking in the delivery of high quality care to patients. Making fast, informed decisions by leveraging advanced monitoring and informatics through connected care is the need of the hour.

QuEST is involved in the Hardware Design and Development of Electronics Hardware, BSP and Device driver, embedded firmware, and mechanical components. We are also involved in the sustenance activities. 

On the software side we are involved in the end to end software development of software platform that goes into the monitoring devices and engineering solutions for bedside patient monitoring and remote patient monitoring. This involves data connectivity and integration of devices from different OEMs using standard protocols, UI Design and development, Web and mobile based viewers for remote monitoring.

  • Data collection from devices using standard protocols
  • Alarm generation and notification
  • Data management and Reporting
  • Integration with EMR and EHRs
  • Patient and Clinician centric viewers

QuEST has deep expertise in patient monitoring devices like Blood pressure monitor, Continuous glucose monitor, Anticoagulation testing device, Electrocardiography (ECG) devices, Heart rate monitors, Medical alert systems, Maternity care monitoring, Pediatric at-home monitoring, Pulse oximeter, Smart scale, Medication monitoring and Patient wearables



Accelerating Connected Healthcare through Interoperable Medical Devices

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