• Scope of this Project is to design Auxiliary converter as a platform solution that can be used across various future trains/platforms
  • Concept Design and review through to PDR/DDR.
  • Perform Design Simulations, Create Design documents.


  • Feasibility study of the given concept.
  • Create preliminary and detailed designs.
  • Constant collaboration with cross function teams for Components design & selection.


  • Design is compatible with train projects and can be used as a platform solution across all future train projects
  • High Electrical Power capacity of 265 kVA serves all IR demands in diverse segments.
  • Bulk of the design is made by QuEST & Customer teams in India.
  • Electrical Simulations, Harness Design, 3D design and drawings for all levels to production, developed.


  • Converter is developed to serve the Indian Railways Auxiliary power demands which serves AC, light, Fan loads inside Train.
  • Compact converter design for underslung mounting.
  • High power performance with extreme environmental conditions of Indian weather.