• To develop centralized CBTC-SIL4 signalling and monitoring system  as per CENELEC EN 50128 standards.


  • Agile methodologies with cross functional Scrum teams for software development and testing
  • System Engineering for AOS system
  • System and Sub-system level testing on Simulators and on Target


  • 1st heavy haul CBTC SIL4 solution in the world
  • Daily revenue of 15M AUD. Increase of 15-20%
  • Cycle time reduction of operations
  • Automatic Train Operation
  • Automatic Train Load Out & Car Dumper
  • Remote Software upgrades


  • Effective management for fleet size of approx. 190 trains running 500KM of track.
  • Optimum Train Route Identification.
  • Train Supervision.
  • Moving Block.
  • Automatic Train configuration