Growing with QuEST

QuEST is a place to learn and grow without limitations, develop expertise, collectively achieve aspirations and experience a rewarding journey – and we are committed to making this journey all the more exciting for you. Hear from our employees about their growth story at QuEST. 

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As a Trusted Thinking Partner of choice, we cater to a wide range of global clientele from diverse backgrounds and verticals who bring many challenging projects to the table. All this provides you with the opportunity to work with some of the leading Fortune 500 companies and get comprehensive experience which will in turn enable you to charter a path into the future whether you work in Asia, Europe or the America.


QuEST works on advancing technologies that help make commuting reliable and affordable. We are innovating ways to make renewable energy affordable and the world around us more liveable. We help pioneer the future of flights that are safer, faster, and reliable by streamlining engineering and manufacturing processes and innovating efficiencies that help our clients lead the way in the marketplace. We help to Create the Frontier!


Engineering is all about finding solutions to problems. Our big-picture perspective and comprehensive suite of solutions enable us to help companies enhance the way people live, work, and engage with each other in today's global society.


And hence, we are Born To Engineer, are you?



  • An annual internal technical symposium which is aimed to identify the best projects executed in QuEST. It is the most keenly awaited event which is the culmination of the Walk the Floor contest where Project teams get to showcase and present the innovative work they are doing for our customers to a panel consisting of leaders from our delivery teams. In 2021, we hosted the first ever fully virtual and global Walk the Floor contest with 122 projects registering themselves from across the globe.

Technology Symposium

  • An annual internal technical symposium which is aimed to identify the best projects executed in QuEST. It is the most keenly awaited event which is the culmination of the Walk the Floor contest where Project teams get to showcase and present the innovative work they are doing for our customers to a panel consisting of leaders from our delivery teams. In 2021, we hosted the first ever fully virtual and global Walk the Floor contest with 122 projects registering themselves from across the globe.


  • An annual talent event aimed at nurturing young innovative minds. This global event is hugely popular among students and academia. Bridging the gap between ideas to realisation, Ingenium, our flagship event brings to the forefront hundreds of young minds. It reaches across geographies to gather talent Born To Engineer from every nook and corner


At QuEST, we are Born To Engineer – bridging the gap between talent and technology to deliver decisive advances in customer experience, operational efficiency and gain competitive edge — not just for today, but for the future too. Some of our events include: 


At QuEST we work towards engineering an organization that explores the full potential of an individual, growing beyond race, gender and physical abilities. Following our principle of 'Working with others', we are committed to fostering a culture of equality that encourages innovation and makes the world better, safer and sustainable. We create a conducive environment where talent finds the right opportunity to grow.

Questians work co-operatively and in an appropriate and fair manner to achieve business goals. Fostering a growth-centric culture, QuEST is committed to providing equal opportunities and administering its personnel practices and to maintain an environment free of discrimination or harassment on the basis of a person's perceived protected characteristics such as disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or identity. Read more


Opportunities at QuEST

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Recruitment Process


It’s simple and easy to apply for jobs at QuEST Global. Just log in to QuEST Global website, go to career section and find opportunities section to apply by feeding basic information.


Candidate applications will be reviewed by the respective recruitment teams and the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further evaluation.

Technical Assessment

All shortlisted candidates will go through a technical assessment to check the technical abilities required for the role.  The technical interview will involve multiple rounds based on the requirement: online assessment, technical interview, customer interview etc.

HR Interview

This a process that helps us understand your career goals, skills, strengths, passion etc. You can quiz the recruiter on anything about the position or QuEST as an organization.

Offer Roll-out

Candidates who clear the technical and HR interview will be issued an offer letter that includes the compensation structure and other requirements related to employment at QuEST Global.

Background Verification

Once the offer is accepted, the onboarding team will initiate process for background verification to check authenticity of candidate claims.

Onboarding and Induction

Once all formalities are completed, the candidate will get a notification to join QuEST on a mutually agreed date. QuEST has a comprehensive induction and onboarding process to orient and train the new recruits about our organizational culture, vision, mission and way of life at QuEST.   

Need to know more?

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QuEST in Campus

We are here to make your life smoother as you transit from college to corporate. Discover what's in store for a fresher joining QuEST Global. Students from across India are selected based on their performance in aptitude test, group discussion, technical interview and an HR interview. On-the spot offer letters are given to candidates who demonstrate exceptional performance.

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For nearly a decade, QuEST Ingenium has been making that journey a celebration on brilliance. Celebrating the spirit of competition to help dreams come true by providing an enriching platform to future innovators, QuEST Ingenium is not just as any tech contest. It is a prominent career launching program that helps students realize their truest potential, keeping in league with QuEST Global's corporate values of hunger, humility and aspiration.

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QuEST Athenium is about women who wish to make their comeback story a true success story. Through Athenium, QuEST wishes to take up focused recruitment drives that ensure gender parity at the workplace, both as a social and business imperative while also providing a conducive environment for women talent to grow and succeed. 

QuEST Alumni

Extremely proud of our people who teach us they are Born To Engineer. Let's celebrate the culture and connections that shaped our QuEST experience. Be part of a powerful community for professional progress and societal impact.

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  • House of QuEST
  • Social initiatives by employees
  • HR Advisors
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Gazelles
  • Fun@Work

As a team Born To Engineer, we bring passion to deliver - to live each day building as well as renewing ourselves. Festive get-togethers, holiday celebrations, sports and socials or just a day out with colleagues and families, helps Questians rejuvenate. Among our most prominent and loved events are Ethnic Days, Women’s Day & Mother’s Day Celebrations, Junior Questians Day, Yoga Day, Sports Days and, Pot luck held at various QuEST campuses across the globe. Apart from these, we also have regular wellness days, health camps and fitness camps to keep our spirits up.  

At QuEST, the extra step taken beyond and above the call of duty never goes unnoticed. Questians, who make a difference with their passion, dedication and contribution are recognized and appreciated. We have regular ‘On the Fly’ awards given out every month for high performers, Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) given to employees for visible business impact in terms of revenue growth/margin improvement/cost savings, and Annual Performance Awards given for technical and operational excellence under various categories. 

Gazelles is a leadership forum that helps build stronger connect between leadership and extended management teams, improve communication, accountability, and build capability of leaders across levels. This innovative practice has contributed significantly to the organization growth, and has aligned leaders to the QuEST culture. This forum aimed to review organization challenges, align communication channels, build connect, and support growth for the organization. The key themes for each Gazelles were provided by leadership with the expectation that the group will find a solution with an apt execution plan and will act on it to solve the given challenges. 

By the people – For the people: While we have a dedicated team of HR personnel, we also have ‘HR Advisors’ – a team of employees representing their respective delivery units/functions. This team helps to get to the pulse of the people at QuEST, by understanding their feedbacks on various initiatives and policies. Always striving to make QuEST a great place to work, this team helps create people-centric policies and representing their major views to the management. An empowered people force is always key to innovation and growth. 

At QuEST, we encourage employees to dedicate their free time for a noble cause. Through My Kartavya and other such initiatives, we help them find a complete gamut of all volunteering activities, such as 

  • Skills for Good: Donate your skills to NGOs in need
  • Train for Good: From training on Digital Literacy to sensitization of Misinformation, help empower people
  • Social Media for Good: Make social media work for its intended purpose - spread the goodness!
  • Work for Good: Help NGOs with basic tasks from painting a wall to making masks.
  • Mentor for Good: Help provide guidance to college students, innovators and NGOs
  • Advocacy for Good: Help point out policy level changes and work towards their sensitization

At QuEST three foundational principles helps drive us as an organization- Aspiration to think big, the Hunger to build a learning culture and empower decision making, coupled with ‘roll up your sleeves’ and get things done with humility to accept and learn from failures and respect people, are the three ingredients when adopted and practiced regularly will lead an organization to greatness. Our core values like Customer Focus, Collaboration, and Integrity along with our culture pillars Think Big Act Small, Innovation, Agility, Care for People, Open & Transparent, Continuous Learning, referred as the key elements of the House of QuEST, guide us in decision making, strategizing, executing and achieving each milestone. 

Questians Say

I joined QuEST Global in October 2013. In the last 7 years of being with the company I have learnt a lot and gained many new skills through the support of the company which has progressed my career. Not only has my time with this company progressed my knowledge and skills, it has also gained me friendship with my fellow colleagues and a support system I have not experienced at any other company. QuEST cares about its employees. 

-Louise Hills, Project Lead UK 


“I find that QuEST Global provides the best of both worlds by allowing us to focus on our customer while also Challenging employees with meaningful work in an exciting industry and employee friendly management where the manager keep constant check on employee wellness feels great to be part of Quest Global.”

-Arunkumar Rajenthiran, Senior Systems Engineer

“I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that QuEST provides opportunities for those who truly aspire to go above and beyond. My favourite part of being a Questian is that I’ve always been given opportunities to learn new things and solve new problems. This is the first company I’ve worked for, that I truly believe, cares for its people.

-Bryan Ashe, Project Manager, North America

“QuEST and its engineers are becoming a significant influence in the Aeronautical industry. As an organization we are connected worldwide, with no borders and time limitations, to highly competitive teams. We have an obligation to create a sustainable future and our biggest strength is human capital and every idea or proposal is valued as we continue to engineer a new world order. Hard work, responsibility, agility and team work are some of the pillars which help us solve complex engineering problems.”

-Alejandro Blanco Pezuela, Senior Engineer, France