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Morph mechanical with software to deliver great driving experience

Explore how QuEST helps Automotive Industry unravel the new Driving Experience

The fundamental underpinnings of the Automotive Industry has already shifted. At one end, the industry faces challenges to its business models because of sharing economy and lowered entry barriers for new players who are resetting the benchmarks for new driving experience. On the other end technology itself is pushing beyond what is brave. Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification is already transforming the Industry as we speak. With the world facing imminent threats because of climate change, the automotive industry will be under further regulatory pressures to lower the carbon footprints.

Reinvention is now no longer a luxury. But table stakes.

The winners in the future will be the companies who seamlessly morph the mechanical with the software and deliver great driving experience with lowest overheads on economic and ecological costs. While doing so the automotive OEMs will also have to drive operational efficiencies to thrive and sustain the state of continued transformation.

QuEST : The Trusted Thinking Partner for global automotive OEMs 

QuEST is uniquely positioned to partner with companies through our deep domain knowledge in the automotive industry and our engineering expertise in Mechanical, Electronics, Software and Digital Technologies. Today. we are already accelerating the advancements in vehicle connectivity and IoT for Global automotive OEMs who are building fully autonomous vehicles for city roads. As countries look to move away from fossil fuel use, we are working with the OEMs who are already on the path to electrification thereby fueling battery technologies and the associated charging infrastructure. Alongside, our work also involves building cars that are wholly defined by software through exponential technology integration & digitalization.



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Our Focus

  • Infotainment & Connected
  • Autonomous Vehicle & ADASrn
  • Alternative Drivesrn
  • Body Interior
  • Body Exterior
  • Package


  • UX, Touch, Gesture, Voice/Speech


  • Vehicle Function, Radio, Tuner, Amplifier


  • Remote UI, Audio, Media, FOTA, Diag/UDS


  • OS: Android, Linux, OSEK/AUTOSAR, RTOS, Windows Auto
  • Firmware: Vehicle Networks (CAN, MOST, Ethernet), Auxiliary Devices

Use Case

  • Object Detection and Tracking (TSR, Blind spot, vehicle detection, Collison warning etc)


  • Control Software


  • AI/ML/DL
  • Tools: Caffe/TensorFlow/Torch


  • Camera, RADAR/LiDAR Sensors
  • OS and Drivers

Hydrogen tanks, Fuel Cells, Power Electronics, High Voltage Storage

  • Pre-Development
  • Design & Development
  • Simulation
  • HVS Systems
  • Coordination with Process Partners
  • Project Management
  • Interface Management

Seat belt, Door panel, Hood, Bumpers / Side panels, Doors, Pedestrian protection

  • Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Component Development
  • Change Management
  • Supplier-& Project Management
  • Series Design
  • Production Support

Truck lid, Roof system, Cockpit, Interior Fittings, Seats, Airbags

  • Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Component Development
  • Change Management
  • Supplier-& Project Management
  • Series Design
  • Production Support

Total Vehicle, Interior Space, Underfloor, Front car

  • Vehicle Architecture Development
  • Concept Development
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Dimensional Concept
  • Space Development
  • Total Vehicle Plan Creation
  • Design & Technology Convergence
  • Official Specifications / Technical Data
  • GCIE-Plan Creation

Featured Success Stories

Autonomous Parking Solution

Develop an autonomous parking solution

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Design and Development of Android based IVI System

End to end Android-based IVI system development

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Data analytics for a leading Japanese OEM

Efficiently analyze data from three different IT systems

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Connected solutions for an OEM

Connecting Infotainment to Cloud and Mobile Phones

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Service Offerings

Software Product Engineering

As drive-by-wire comes to the fore, Automotive OEMs will have to pack more intelligent software into their flagship brands. Software will be at the heart of providing exhilarating driving experience, autonomous maneuverability, efficiency and so many other aspects which have not been envisaged yet. Building zero-failure, critical and robust software will require not just software capabilities but also intricate and holistic understanding about the machines and systems. QuEST has more than 2 decades of product engineering and ER&D expertise in the automotive industry. We are working with some of the leading automotive OEMs helping them accelerate their product development cycles by bringing in deep capabilities in mechanical and software engineering. Our 3000+engineers are deployed in range of product engineering mandates for ADAS, Connected Vehicles, Electrification and immersive Digital cockpit. For your next mission critical product development, talk to our Automotive Engineering Experts today.

Embedded Product Engineering

For Automotive OEMs, setting new performance benchmark often involves developing new chip design and novel Embedded hardware. QuEST has comprehensive specialization in Embedded Product Engineering. Our engineering capabilities extends to all aspects of SOC design, starting at architecture specifications, through RTL design, verification, physical design, all the way to tapeout and post-silicon bringup/debug. Our design team can help design and implement your low power, high speed, area efficient designs, in the most advanced process technologies. We offer comprehensive coverage of software, from low level hardware support, firmware, middleware, all the way up to applications software. Coupling our software and hardware experience together, we deliver fully verified system level solutions to our customers.

Mechanical Product Engineering

The intense competition to lead the market has put pressure on manufacturers to speed up throughput for new and smart products.  Then there is the need to improve the products already in the market that need reliability and performance improvement, cost and weight reduction. QuEST works with the world's largest automotive OEMs and tier-1s to support, new product development initiatives, product modification to fulfil new orders, various improvement initiatives for products, investigate problems, and suggest alternative design solutions. QuEST's design solutions have helped OEMs to reduce cost and weight while improving performance of products, resolve high field failures, use better material and optimize manufacturing process. Our mechanical product engineering services include design & development, detail engineering, engineering change management, non-conformance management, and cost engineering.

Testing & Automation

Today, organizations are required to launch products with ever reducing time to market for and deliver them across multiple platforms, with improved performance and engaging user experience. Software quality is paramount to meet these requirements and the need for continuous integration and continuous deployment has become the new norm. Automation, DevOps and Digital technologies are enabling organizations to meet these challenges. QuEST helps its customers meet software products quality challenges of changing requirements, cross platform solutions, high-operational efficiency and improved experience with our testing & automation services also comprising of multiple tools like Test Centre Management Platform, Software Intelligent Framework for Tetsing, Closed Loop Testing with Computer Vision and AI based HMI Test Automation Platform. Now accelerate your products to market with high-quality and independent verification & validation services from QuEST.

Manufacturing Engineeringrn

The very near future of the automotive industry will be completely transformed. Manufacturers are already doing all they can to design and develop the 'car of the future', which includes realities such as a connected car with ADAS systems, electric cars and the experience factor that millennials expect. Clearly, creative minds are hard at work engineering the next generation of automotive parts, systems, and technology. But if these technologies can't be mass-produced, they will never leave the drawing board, leading to wasted time, effort, and budget. All of this highlights the importance of manufacturing engineering in the automotive industry today. Manufacturing engineering is critical, but not many automotive OEMs have a full-fledged manufacturing engineering teams at their disposal. Our teams provide manufacturing engineering services in few key areas - plant transition & readiness, new product initiation and digital manufacturing. Now you can partner with QuEST Global to outsource this important engineering approach and achieve significant business results.

Digital Technology Solutions

Digital technologies have enabled many disruptive solutions. Likewise, today's digital technologies are enabling organizations realize their prime objectives of faster product regeneration and optimization of assets, facility, fleet and network. QuEST is focused to drive incremental changes in productivity, uptime, maintenance, efficiency, and more to improve profitability and the end-user experience of our customer's products & services. QuEST helps OEMs integrate and automate their design systems for seamless data exchange across product development lifecycles. This not only digitalizes engineering, but also enables design optimization. With more than twenty years of deep domain expertise in engineering processes, QuEST also has proven capabilities in pervasive digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain and security, while delivering customized transformation as per the need.

Supply Chain Solutions

Purchased components and assemblies account for as much as two-third of bill of material (BOM) costs for automotive manufacturers. Supplier quality and delivery performance have a critical impact on financial results and customer satisfaction. Yet few organizations have the resources to monitor global supply chains and manage supplier performance issues. QuEST fills those gaps. We can audit and assess new and prospective suppliers, negotiate better terms, resolve material shortages and non-conformances, and work with suppliers to improve their processes. We

can save you millions by helping rationalize your supplier network and identifying new sources in low-cost regions. Now you can improve on-time delivery and quality, launch strategic sourcing initiatives, and minimize procurement costs with QuEST supply chain services.

Eco-system Partnership

It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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Meet our Leaders

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Accelerator & Capability Demonstrator

Adaptive FOTA

Securely update IVI and ECUs over the air

  • SaaS based solution
  • Ready reference implementation
  • Support multiple update packages
  • Analytics and Reporting

Auto Emulator

Developer tool to implement automotive apps without access to real vehicle hardware

  • Cross-platform architecture
  • Plugs into native emulators
  • Write once, run everywhere
  • Playback real CAN data
  • Connected vehicles experience
  • Induce faults, run test cases
  • Drag & drop launcher

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Platform

  • Driver Behavior Analytics
  • Alert Creation
  • Trip Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Vehicle Diagnostics & Report
  • Reporting

Driver Rating Platform

Enable users to get trip summaries, details on routes, and get useful feedback to become a better driver

  • Continuous sensor data collection
  • Analytics for Drive / Driver rating
  • Trip Monitoring, Incident alert

Spare-parts Counterfeit Prevention

Auditable traceability system through smart tags

  • Blockchain based system
  • Possibility to trace through supply chain
  • Can track fraudulent transactions through the system


A self-service reporting and data access solution for smart search, augmented data analytics, extracting insights

Glimpze is a QuEST proprietary product developed using state-of-the-art solutions based on the most recent innovations in the field of semantic technologies (Web 3.0), Natural Languages Processing (NLP) etc.