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QuEST's deep enterprise and digital capabilities have unlocked significant value for end-customers

u200bIndustry X.0 u200bSolutions

  • Design System Integration
  • Product development lifecycle

u200bDigital Software and Solutions

  • Infrastructure & Cloud
  • Edge Solutions
  • SaaS based App

u200bAnalytics and Insights

  • Equipment Surveillance
  • Data Analytics
  • Report and Insights

u200bPlatform Dev Services

  • Design & Development, Integration
  • Sustenance & Support

Select examples:

  1. 93% Accuracy in detecting lung nodules in patients through AI-based solution on CT images
  2. COVID-19 detection from chest X-ray using deep learning
  3. Virtual integrated care platform for real time remote monitoring of critical care patients

u200bEnterprise IT | PLM Solutions, Business Intelligence, Infra Management, Mobility, App Management, DevOps, Security

u200bPervasive digital technologies | AI/ML, AR, Big Data Analytics, Security & Blockchain, Cloud, IoT, UX/UI Design


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