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QuEST has the domain expertise in end-to-end product engineering, digital enablement and automation that you might be looking for. For over two decades, semiconductor OEMs have relied on our worldwide fab experience, equipment automation capabilities, and trusted our pool of engineers with deep experiences for deploying solutions at all major fabs. QuEST offers a host of award-winning solution accelerators like Equipment automation Framework, Inspection Module Automation Framework, GEM Standards, EDA Standards and Fab Host Simulators.

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Product Engineering

In a bid to provide quicker solutions and meet the spike in demand, Semiconductor OEMs, today, have a pressing need to take their products to market in the shortest time span, maintaining high levels of product quality. They also need to grapple with non-negotiable needs of development & testing of SEMI standards-compliant products.

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Enterprise Servicesrn

Emerging from the reputation of being slow and boring, enterprise software is making a resurgence and enterprises are beginning to demand a trendy software packed with technologies to empower useru2019s across the organization. Today, software platforms have become central to the rapidly digitalizing and connected eco-system.

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Manufacturing Servicesrn

The intense competition to lead the market has put pressure on manufacturers to speed up throughput for new and smart products. There is also a need to improve the products already in the market in terms of reliability and performance, cost and weight reduction.

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Digital Services

The convergence of pervasive technologies with domain technology results in highly effective solutions. Todayu2019s digital technologies are enabling product & service companies to realize their prime objectives of faster product regeneration and optimization of assets, facility, and production. 

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We Can be Your Engineering Partner of Choice

Domain knowledge

24+ years of engagement with semiconductor equipment OEMs in developing frameworks, leveraging the acquired knowledge to develop new products and sustaining existing products

Process Knowledge

Monitoring and control of the process modules of various equipment – etch, deposition, implant, inspection, metrology, furnace, stocker, sorter, dicing, and more

Global Strategic Partnerships

Engagement with 3 of the top 10 Semiconductor equipment OEMs

Comprehensive Engineering solutions

End to end product engineering solutions and solutions for enterprise, manufacturing and digital transformation

Eco-system partner

Authorized solution provider for companies which manufacture robots and clusters for the equipment OEMs

Strategic Investments

3000 person years of engineering experience with semi equipment OEMs & fab, 2 customer labs, 2200 square feet lab for equipment automation and Inspection Equipment, suite of solution accelerators right from Tool Control to Factory Automation including equipment automation frameworks & fab host simulator compliant to SEMI GEM, EDA, PV2 standards

Cutting Edge Technologies

Internet of Things, Blockchain, NLP, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, AR/VR

Fab & foundry experience

Experience working across all major fabrication plants & foundries around the world, ensuring equipment’s SEMI standard compliances at the fab and ensuring that the equipment passes Factory Acceptance Test

Standards & Partnerships

•NVIDIA, Brooks Automation
•EMI standards | GEM | EDA

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Mechanical Product Engineering

Accelerate your design and development of new age mechanical products

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Engineering Analysis

Accelerate and develop innovative products through latest analysis methods and tools

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After Market Services

Extend product life, reduce costs, and improve maintenance and repair processes

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Embedded Product Engineering

Design, develop and sustain electronics and embedded products

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Software Product Engineering

Manage, renew & modernize your software tech-backbone

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Enterprise Application Services

With our rich experience in enterprise software, cloud and infrastructure, mobility, AI and deep domain knowledge across industries, we empower customers to become smart and innovative enterprises

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Testing and Automation

Our services helps discover errors when they are less costly to fix

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Digital Technology Solutions

Solutions to improve productivity and customer experience

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Engineering Chronicles

Higher Uptime & Equipment Efficiency

Improved equipment efficiency by automation of the secondary manual real reject classification by leveraging Deep Learning using CNN to detect the defects in SEM images of wafers.

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New Product Development

Took complete product ownership for a new generation SEM equipment by adopting a local-global model which reduced R&D cost by 30%.

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Product Quality Improvement

Improved product quality by 20% by developing an equipment simulator and implementing a test automation suite.

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Equipment Standards Enablement

Reduced tool acceptance time by 50% for FAT (factory acceptance test) for a metrology equipment at end-customer fab by leveraging domain knowledge & SEMI standards.

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Teach Pendant Enablement

Enabled user friendly teach pendant usage to common operators in a factory. The software will be used for multiple generations of robotic controllers.

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Reduced Fat Time

SEMI GEM standards compliant equipment automation solution framework which reduced factory acceptance test time and got equipments accepted in a short time.

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Semi Standards Enablement

SEMI standards-compliant equipment automation solution for implementing EDA standards. 

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QuEST IoT Platform

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Manufacturing Equipment Automation Framework

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Deep Learning (DL) Automation Tool for Vision Applications

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Learn more about the cutting-edge solutions we deliver for our Semiconductor clients

It’s not just a job. It’s an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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