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The key challenges which the OEMs face for building the toilet is interface control as the toilet module comes from the supplier and needs to be assembled in the train. There is a kind of space envelope given to the supplier to operate along with the key requirements of whether itu2019s a universal access toilet or a space saver toilet.

Despite the Interface control document, the toilet being a bought out item is developed remotely by the supplier at their own pace. While designing the ceiling, the floor, sidewalls and the toilet interfaceu2019s dependency and how they come together is the main challenge. This calls for a lot of rework on the ceiling, floor and electrical wiring.

Working with build support or change requests, we have seen many such problems. When we work on the ceiling or floor, we contact the supplier frequently to tell them what we are planning to do and get to know their plans. We also get interim design models from the supplier and use the ongoing model as the baseline for our designs.

We act as an interface between the OEM and the toilet-provider for flowing information both ways with the help of three things. We provide them with the best-practices or the previous issues encountered during build support so that they can take care of it upfront. We continuously keep monitoring their designs and matching it with the concurrent design that is happening to reduce the rework as much as possible. Even the level of ownership is more because we have both mechanical, electrical and build support happening together.

Apart from aesthetics, usability, accessibility, PRM (People with reduced mobility) these are 3 things on which toilet design is based upon.

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